Live Stream

You can't come to the event ?
Stay at home and watch it on the internet. Plan a reminder at the bottom of this page.
This year, for the summer solstice event in Carnac, you will be able to see all the talks on our website.
And you will then be able to ask questions online. You can then watch them again for 48 hours!
Live Videos of the talks will be sold here.

For morning conferences : 2,49€ (valid for 48 hours)
For evening conferences : 2,99€ (valid for 48 hours)
If you're interested in buying a live video conference, fill in the form on the bottom of this page and we will send you a reminder e-mail the day before and one hour before the start of the conference.

The live stream is now finished, thank you for your interest !
You will soon be able to see all talks on our site !

Live stream reminder